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What Should You Do After School?

If you’ve just finished school, you need to decide what you want to do with life. There are many things you could do, thankfully. Unfortunately, as there are many options at your disposal, this makes it more confusing for you to make a choice.

We’ll be running through your best options:

Go To University

Usually, people go to college after they’re done with school. This is why they’ve sat through their finals in the senior year.

Although you could have a good career without a degree, you may want it for personal reasons. And some degrees make it essential that you need a degree.

This is true for STEM paths like medicine and engineering. Unfortunately, you won’t have to stop at a Bachelors’s as you’ll need to do postgraduate work as well. So, it’s definitely a journey.

Take A Gap Year

Taking a gap year is a good choice. School was a stressful time and you dedicated over a decade to finish it. That’s why you need to unwind and take a break.

The break could let you learn more about yourself and it’ll help you figure out a career path. In this time, you could either travel or get a job.

Getting a job is a good fit as it helps you learn the tricks of the trade. You’ll be working with people in the profession you’re hoping to get into.

For example, you may want to work in digital marketing. You can easily get a job in a marketing agency once you’re done with school.

Here, you’ll learn everything hands-on- much more than what your lecturers could put In your head. Having such knowledge at your disposal also makes university easier for you, so you’ll be able to tackle it once you’re ready to get back to studying.

Get A Certification

If you must study, you can do a certification program. These don’t last that long and the shortest ones span up to 6 months.

Certification programs are usually in place for tertiary career paths. You may think they aren’t that great but they are. You can make quite a bit from these fields and the best thing is, you didn’t waste a lot of time studying.

A good example of this is aged care. If you’re interested, there are many Warrnambool based aged care courses and training, making it easier to take the leap.

Get A Permanent Job

Instead of getting a job during gap year, you can get a job and make it a permanent decision. After you’re done with school, getting a role in the field you want to get into, rising up is very possible.

This is especially the case with careers that are more art-focused. In fact, in some states of the US, you can intern as a lawyer and sit through a few exams instead of going through law school.

This decision would not only help you earn money but it would save time as well. The fact that you’re skipping 4-8 years of undergraduate and postgraduate work means you have more time to rise up the ladder.

Thus, the above points will help you make the best decision, so consider them.

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