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How To Care For Your Baby’s Skin

An infant’s skin is so soft and delicate that there really is nothing like it. It is so sensitive as well that one must be very careful when taking care of it. An infant can develop many skin conditions due to various factors. Conditions like atopic dermatitis, diaper rash, and cradle cap are some of them. These could occur due to environmental triggers or genetic factors. Whatever reason it may be due to, there are certain precautions we can take to prevent trigger these episodes in babies. An infant with such a skin condition might be very irritable due to the itching and burning sensation. Therefore these tips below must be followed very carefully.

Atopic Dermatitis

This is also called eczema and it occurs in babies when they have a family history of atopy which is conditions like wheezing, runny nose, eczema and allergies. Not all babies who have a history of atopy will develop this but it is triggered by an environmental factor. For example, heat and humidity can trigger such an episode. So it is common in tropical countries and also in summer.

There are many things you can do to avoid a flare up of the disease. Do not cover the child in a lot of baby clothing during warm conditions. Also the clothes that are used must be soft and made out of cotton. Those made of nylon or wool can exacerbate the condition. Furthermore, they must be washed in a very light detergent made just for infants.

Their skin must be regularly moisturised as it tends to dry up and crack. The infant must not be washed with strong soaps and shampoos. Medication like antihistamines can be given on the prescription of a doctor to reduce the tendency of the infant to itch. Their nails also can be cut short to prevent them from  itching themselves and creating wounds. Keeping the right temperatures indoors is also helpful when the infant develops the condition.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs in the diaper area of the infant and presents as red and irritated skin. It is quite painful to look at sometimes. This can occur due to many reasons. If the diaper is too tight, if it is worn for a long period of time, or if worn for long periods of time despite it being wet. This can become very dangerous if the infant’s urinary tract gets infected. If not treated promptly it can end up with renal damage. Therefore, necessary precautions must be taken.

Make sure the diaper is the right size for your baby. If the infant develops a rash to one type of diaper try changing it to another. Regularly change the diapers to prevent the pooling of urine or poop. Wash the area with mild soap. Once the infant develops the condition, try to keep the area as open as possible. Try not to dress a diaper until the skin settles. Wash the area with a warm cloth and apply zinc oxide cream.

An infant’s skin is so delicate and soft that it needs special caring. Be aware of conditions that can affect their skin and care for it properly to prevent complications.

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