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Top Tips for Sending Business or Company Gifts

As the new year approaches, corporate gift giving would be on the minds of your business team. There is definitely a right way to do it and plenty of ways things can go wrong. Here are several tips that will help you send corporate gifts smartly:

Quality Matters

Is it better to gift one good item, or several rather cheap things? The golden rule of corporate gifting is that quality matters over quantity. Keep in mind that customers may evaluate the worth of your products based on the quality of the gift. So don’t send cheap things that break easily. One thing with quality assured is the much better option. If cost is a big issue, pick a small item of good quality. The size of the gift box doesn’t matter as long as the gift is good.

Present the Gift Really Well

Perhaps even more important than the quality of an item, the presentation matters. First impressions and first looks are important. And modern customers are highly likely to judge things by the way they look. Make sure your business has customised gift boxes that can make any gift look more valuable than it is. You can design Inke Packaging boxes Australia, for example, to not just showcase the company logo, but to stand out in a giant pile of gifts, especially during the holiday season. Pay attention to how the gift is seen from both the inside and the outside.

Address the Recipient by Name

Personalisation is definitely important to give the impression that the company is individually sending a gift, rather than sending something en mass. Address customers by their names casually or semi-formally. Formal addresses might be necessary with partners, or if you are dealing with elderly recipients.

Pick Gifts to Match Expectations

The customers have certain impressions of your brand and, as a result, would expect gifts to match those impressions. If you are a high-end brand, don’t send cheap gifts. Use your existing customer data to find out the type of gifts that would best match customer expectations. For example, if you run a budget brand, a gift card or a special discount offer (like for a birthday) would easily impress customers.

Expectations would certainly be different for non-customer recipients like investors and business partners. Their gifts should be on par with what they usually expect from businesses they are involved in. Some research might be necessary to pick a suitable item. Don’t forget to involve employees who interact with investors and partners for valuable thoughts on what to gift.

Localise the Gift Whenever Necessary

Most businesses think about personalisation, but rarely about localisation. It won’t matter for all gifts and recipients, but for some certainly so. Localising gifts is important if your business is a local subsidiary of a larger conglomerate. Also, whenever focusing on local customers, the regional flavour would always be appreciated.

There are several ways to localise gifts. The easiest method is to include a local product or a flavour in the gift. Giving something the recipient can easily purchase from a corner store would certainly feel cheap. Therefore, include the local aspect as only a part of the gift, not as its main feature.

Use the above tips to make your company’s gift unique and desirable. The above suggestions would help your company send better gifts than the competition.

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