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The Different Types Of People In The Professional World

It is not a surprise to know that there are people with varying levels of qualifications and experience working in the professional world. This is something you can see with any job. However, more than with a desk job any lack of real qualifications about the job and experience is going to affect a job where you have to perform actions. This becomes even more important when the job is something with a high risk like being a technician in the communications industry.

There are a couple of different types of professionals working in the professional world. It is important to identify where you belong in this categorization as it is going to directly affect your chance of getting a job.

The Ones Who Lack Qualifications

Firstly, we have the ones who lack qualifications. These are people who generally lack the professional knowledge about the work they do. For example, if we are talking about a technician this person who could not know the right way of doing all the tasks he or she has to do as a technician. He or she might not know how to join cables without making a mistake.

However, some people manage to know about all these things but they lack the certification they get from a certified authority that they have the right qualifications to be a technician. In the work world, without the ability to prove you have the said knowledge you are going to have a hard time finding a job.

The Ones Who Lack Experience

Then, we have professionals who lack experience. These are usually professionals who have studied the subject and have all the knowledge but they lack actual experience in applying those theories into real situations. Therefore, even if they have the knowledge they are not competent professionals in their line of work. This is a grave problem for someone like a technician. This kind of lack of experience can sometimes result in mistakes that can put people’s lives at risk. People who lack experience also have a hard time finding a job.

The Ones with Both Qualifications and Experience

Finally, we have professionals who have both qualifications and experience. These are generally people who have learned their trade, received certification for that and have also gathered experience by actually using that knowledge. If you want to become a successful technician you have to follow the right telecommunication courses conducted by a certified institution, get your certification and also gather experience. Usually, a good institute lets you have some experience by working in real projects.

The kind of professional who has the most chance of getting a good job is one who has both qualifications and experience. If you are someone who has both you will not have a problem. You just have to prove you are someone worth hiring for potential employers. If you are someone who lacks experience or certified qualifications, you can go to the right institution. They can help you gain both of those things. You can then have a better chance of getting a good job.

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