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How To Choose Among Several Flooring Options

Flooring in your home is one of the most crucial decisions that are required to be made when building or renovating. Choosing among several flooring options might differ from person to person based on the budget, beauty, maintenance and many other determinants. Different flooring options would have their fair share advantages and disadvantages that differentiate them to be better or worse than others when compared to each other. Having a clear idea on the various types of flooring makes it easier for decision making, so that’s why they are given below for your convenience and clarity;

Hardwood Flooring

This is one type of flooring that is desired by many people due to its classy and elegant beauty of being installed in any home. Hardwood flooring is known to be more expensive but would have its disadvantages of reacting to moisture and colder weathers, as they can warp and disfigure when prone to such conditions. Hardwood flooring although has a massive advantage of being extremely versatile to being installed to any room in the house and still looks as great as you want it to be.

Artificially Engineered Wood

Artificially engineered wood is the combination of a thin layer of good quality wood pressed against plywood to ensure its sturdiness and beauty. Artificially engineered wood looks great and has several options in terms of colors and styles. This is a perfect option for budget homes as it would look as great as wood, but it is to be noted that engineered wood has its cons of having to refinish the outer look of the flooring every now and then yet having a limit of only a couple of years until you have to replace the flooring, which then turns out to be a more expensive mode of flooring.

Bamboo Timber Flooring

Bamboo timber flooring is a type of flooring which is considered most eco-friendly out of all wood flooring options. This is because bamboo trees grow fully in a matter of five years or so, while hardwood tree flooring sources such as Brazilian cherry and other trees take decades to fully grow and would contribute towards global warming. For example, Geelong quality flooring offers bamboo for most homes. People prefer wooden floors as they are more resistant to scratches and dents while having no impact from moisture or dampness.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

This is a mixture of clay for flooring, which is capable of providing various styles and colors that can be made use of as per your preference of flooring for your home. This type of flooring is also considered very durable and easily maintained because it would not react upon moisture or the climate while also having very easy maintenance such as mopping and sweeping.

So, there you go, that’s a couple of options that can be used as your flooring by considering different pros and cons of each option. We hope that you are able to fixate on your most preferred option of flooring through the above given descriptions, Good Luck!

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