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Choose the Best Couch for Your Home

Choosing the furniture that match the rest of your house is an important part in interior decoration. This is why it is important to choose a couch with a style that matches your house perfectly. When going for your sofa shopping, it is necessary to know all types of sofa styles that are available in the market if you are to buy the style that suits your place perfectly. Take a look at the following list to see some of the sofa styles that are popular in modern décor.

Mid Century

These are clean lined, rectangular shaped sofas with solid wooden legs. These are the best choice for those who prefers to add a period style into their interior décor. It is also perfect for contemporary interiors and for those who are looking for minimalist décor.


Tuxedos are known for its clean lined, boxy shape and have its arms and back at the same height. The legs of this style of sofa comes either upholstered or exposed. If you are looking for unique styles of sofas that can add a little flair to your decoration this is one design you can opt for.


This is a great choice for those who prefer a traditional theme for their interior decoration. It gets its name due to its curved back. If you are looking to combine traditional style with a little bit of elegance this is the type you should go for.


These are often made of leather with rolled arms that are of the same height as its back. A unique trait of chesterfield sofa is its button tufting. This is best matched with places such as elegant libraries or manor-house themed architecture.


Chaises comes with a back and one, two or no arms. They are designed with an upholstered seat for one and is often the ideal couch for relaxing. Look for new couch for sale Melbourne and you will see chaises comes in both traditional and contemporary design allowing you to choose from a wide range of choices.

English Roll Arm

This style is known for its round arms and is also known to be one of the most comfortablestyles. Often the back of the seat is tight and the cushions are not removable. It is also one of the sofa designs that never go out of style which makes it a perfect match for more than one architectural theme.


Lawson is very similar to English roll arm and the difference between the two is that it has removable cushions. It has low arms and padded cushions making it one of the best designs for those who love to lie back and read a book or magazine. This style matches perfectly with a traditionally styled home.

Now that you know the types of sofas that are in the market, all you need to do is choose the style that matches with the theme of your house the best. Examine each style carefully before you decide which one you suit your place the most.

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