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5 Tips to Build A Better Relationship with Your Business Partners

In a business that has more than one partner, forming a strong relationship among partners is vital for a business to not only be successful, but also to thrive internally. Here are 5 things that help to make your relationship with your partners better…

Keep the Communication Line Open and Lay the Foundation for Trust

Whether it’s with your team mates, employees or business partners, keeping an open communication line is key for building a strong relationship. Learn to listen, not only to provide an answer, but also to genuinely understand their concerns and their point of view. Value your partners’ ideas and at least try to consider them even if you’re completely against it. Understand their strengths and weaknesses for a better understanding of them. On a side note, if you are in disagreement on something with your partners, don’t hesitate to speak up; as this gives them the idea that you may be a push over.

Learn Their Language

If you live in a country where multi languages are being spoken, and some of your partners are more fluent in speak those languages, actively try to learn said languages. This will make it easier for you to communicate with them, and them with you. It will also make them feel more valued, as you’re putting an effort in understanding them. This works the same when dealing with international (and important) clients, as well as your ground level employees.

Have Regular Meals Together; Get the Families Involved

We’re sure that you already know the almost magical affect that food has in strengthening bonds and relationships. This is the reason the people of the times of old recommended sitting down together for at least one meal per day as a family. The same applies to your business partners. Try your best to at least have one meal per week together. Apart from that, occasionally get together as families for a meal; reserving private rooms (for a small party) or function rooms for hire Melbourne for larger parties.

Participate in Team Building Activities Out of The Office

Apart from sharing a meal together to help strengthen your bond, take the time to participate together in team building and relationship strengthening activities. While you certainly can try a few in office activities, we suggest opting for the outdoor options. Travel together, or do adventure sports together. Put yourselves in situations where you’ll have to work together and reply on each other. This will help you be more comfortable relying on each other even at work.

Try Your Best Not To Over Step On Each Other’s Authority

In a typical office, all business partners have their own role to play. If this is the same in your workplace, and you have no particular “one boss”, we suggest you try your best to not step on each other’s toes when it comes to respecting each other’s authority. It’s also vital not undermining the value or authority of a fellow business partner in front of employees. This will definitely create problems not only between you and your partner, but also cause a hitch in running your business.

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