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7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

Do you struggle on the daily to have your backyard looking spruced up and gleaming? We understand the struggles. Maintaining and amping up any outdoor space remains to be quite the challenge since it has more exposure to the outside elements but this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it! Here are some of the simplest yet effective tips we have on sprucing up your patio:


You’d be amazed at the difference your choice in doors can make on the overall appearance of your space. Sliding doors in particular welcome a whole aesthetic that’s basically a symbol of high-end contemporary living. This is definitely something you need to invest in if you want an airier feel to your home as well. There are plenty of places in Melbourne for you to check your options!


When it comes to your furniture, you might want to pick wisely. Rectangular shapes won’t really fit in well with the space since they make navigating much harder and besides, no one really likes the corners anyway! A circular table would suit an outside layout far better and be much less obtrusive as well!

Garden Walls

There could never be too much green in a home! Make use of your garden walls to the fullest because they accentuate how designer a house can get. Don’t forget the top of your wall too! This can be a great spot to add more planters. As a bonus, this kind of setup will even grant you a little more privacy from the neighbours!


If your home has a garden which attracts all the birds and bees, then you already have some natural trills heading your way and livening up the space. This is great but for those who lack this music, you can always invest in a few natural sound features- the most popular being a small water fountain. Not only will the sound of bubbling water be extremely peaceful, it would also make for a rather pretty backdrop.


Investing in soft drapery to hang over your patio would give an artsy feel to your space and on a breezy day, you could have weighted down panels that would keep your drapes in one place rather than blowing all over the furniture!  Using sheer materials for your drapes helps add a romantic flair to the porch, making this perfect for a date night.


Stringing up some lights makes all the difference in adding an intimate air to your outdoor space. You can opt for small globes strung up between the spaces for the full effect. 


Make your entire space more whimsical by adding quirky decorations around the garden. They could be marbles, painted bottles or even a textured rug to place under your furniture.  Just don’t shy away from adding some pops of colour into an otherwise bland area. The fact that it is surrounded by nature makes it all the more rustic to look at!

With these few tips, you’ll be giving your patio a massive makeover in no time.

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