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Mitigation Strategies for Reducing Cyber Risks

Cyber risks are all around us and for companies today, this is a big issue. There are a set of proven mitigation strategies that have been designed to reduce the cyber risk all around for many enterprises, and they are also useful for establishing a certain baseline level of security.

What Are These Mitigation Strategies?

Developed by the Australian Signals Directorate, the ASD essential 8 offers and signals intelligence agencies within the Australian Government Department of Defence. These have been developed from the real-world data collected from the ASD’s part of protecting the various Australian Government agencies. Essentially this builds on previous work that comes from the Australian Government, including the awareness campaigns that have been introduced, such as Catch, Patch and Match. While the mitigation strategies have been developed to serve the purpose of protecting government agencies, it does not end there. It also can be used in the private sector enterprises and so on.

What Does It Offer?

Taking an evidence based approach to cyber resilience as well as safety, the ASD claims that their Essential Eight can also save organizations a significant amount of time, effort, money as well as reputation damage, especially when it is compared to the costs of cleaning up after you have had a data breach of any sort. Therefore, if you think about it, prevention is always the more cost-effective path to take. The accurate implementation of these mitigation strategies has been accounted to eliminate up to 85% of the data risks that could arise.

What Else Can You Do To Mitigate Cyber Threats?

There are many options that you could look at. For example, you could think about hiring a company that offers penetration testing in Melbourne, if that is where you are located so that you can further secure your data. You can also look at encrypting the data that is constantly in motion so that you are able to maintain the integrity of the confidential and sensitive data of the company.

Training Your Team

One of the factors that cannot be ignored when you think about mitigating cyber threats is how much your employees are aware of the cyber risks around them. In today’s workplace, there are a lot of personal devices being used and there is also the option of remote working, which means that the chances of some malware or phishing attack being launched on your system is a high possibility. In order to tackle this issue, one of the main things that you should be doing, is to train your company’s employees so that they know what they should do, shouldn’t do and also what they can be doing to ensure that the data they access from their devices is safe.

Email Protection Is Also Important

You cannot ignore your email safety if you want to make sure that your data is protected. Emails can be one of the main ways in which your private data is breached in the company and if you want to not fall victim to this, make sure that encryption is on and that it is robust.

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