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3 Tips for Secure Handling of Data

The true power of data is very apparent in present times. The right data can be used to achieve a myriad of things such as retarget leads with highly-specific marketing campaigns, predict stock market trends and even swing elections in a particular direction. It’s safe to say that data is now more sought after than gold.

Businesses must be careful when handling data. A data loss or breach can easily lead to disastrous consequences. For instance, if a shipping database goes corrupt, you may end up losing all information on all current orders. In addition, without the proper cyber security measures, your business may be vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

So here are some tips to help ensure the security of your data:

Perform a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments help identify the variety of vulnerabilities that may present in your data handling.  This includes everything from physical risks (for example damage caused to server due to a fire) to erroneous practices by members of your staff.

Risk assessments should cover data that is taken off-site as well. For instance when a staff member travels abroad with a company laptop, there may be sensitive information present in it. In addition, certain data may be handled by a third party. Therefore the assessments should take into consideration all instances where data is stored, not just the primary ones.

Have Failover Systems in Place

Failover systems are those that kick in when the primary ones are down. So for instance, if the primary data server ceases its functions due to an unexpected error, a backup server will kick in immediately to ensure that the workflow is not disrupted.

Failover systems are especially important for business whose operations require constant access to data servers. For example, if you’re a cloud computing solutions provider, your servers probably store customer data as well. Hence, if your sever fails then customers will also see their own operations disrupted.

If your business is in a similar situation, we highly recommend that you contact Megtronic Power electrical design to discuss setting up the proper failover systems.

Put up Proper Cyber Security Measures

Cyber security is much more than merely installing an anti-virus software. There many ways that cyber terrorists can gain access to your data and the use of viruses like Trojans are just one of many.

Social engineering is probably the commonest way through which hacking occurs. This involves manipulating one of your employees to elicit sensitive information. For instance, a hacker can send an authentic-looking email to a particular employee, claiming to be from someone in the IT department. The email may tell the employee that his/her system password is out-of-date and that it needs to be reset. This email will typically contain a link which, when the employee clicks on it, will automatically install malware into the employee’s computer.

Hence, while investing in cyber security software is a good idea, it may be more important to train your employees in the proper counter measures against social engineering attacks.

As a business owner, you should make secure data handling a priority. This will help you provide a better service to your customer and avoid hefty lawsuits at the same time.

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