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Things To Do Before Your Lease Term Ends

You’re months away from the end of your rental lease and pretty soon you’ll be on the road again, heading to a new home. However, there’s much more to this process than packing up and waving goodbye once the term ends. There are certain important steps to be taken if you want to end your lease the right way, and here’s how you can go about them:


Your first step should be to notify the landlord that you have no intentions of renewing the contract. There is usually a time period before which you have to do this and that is stated in the lease agreement. Typically, there is a certain time period requested in advance so once you find this out, make sure to inform your landlord in time, else you might find yourself having to pay an extra month of rent or you could even possibly lose some of the security deposit.

Clean Up

While unfortunately you may want to hightail it out of there as soon as your time is up, you need to do some minor cleaning up. If you leave the house in a bad condition, the landlord could very well charge you for a cleaning crew and once again, take the money out of your security deposit. Normal wear and tear (for example, discoloration due to sunlight, loose door handles etc.) are excused but other than that, the house has to be as close to its original condition as possible.


Ideally, you would have invested in one of the cheapest dilapidation report providers to get proper and comprehensive documentation of pre-existing defects. You can hand this to the landlord or the next tenants so no unnecessary costing falls on your hands. By having this record in hand when the landlord is conducting a walk through, you will be relieved of any hassle and your security deposit will remain untouched.

Forwarding Address

Leave a forwarding address with your landlord so that all your future bills and mail will reach the new address instead of stagnating at the old. Make it a point to change the address for all your bills and banking statements as well before you make the shift so none of them would end up at your previous doorstep after you’ve left. Also remember to hand over your keys before you leave because your landlord is actually entitled to charge you for each day you hold on to them.

If you cover all these aspects, you’ll be able to move out maintaining an amicable relationship with your landlord and with no unnecessary drama. Work on all these aspects at least a few months before your term ends because you don’t want to be caught off guard by any unexpected conditions or damages in the house. Also remember to keep everything well-documented for (all previous defects) so that you don’t have to spend more than you have to. Be mindful and this should be a relatively easier shifting for you to bear with.

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