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Spice Up Your Sex Life after Having Kids with These Tips

You and your partner used to have this perfect and hot sex life – the spontaneous sex, quickies, shower sex, and all the other exciting things you could ever imagine. And then, you had kids and everything just suddenly changed. Having a child greatly affects the libido especially on women. It’s like there just no sexual urge left after giving birth because your body is still recovering. Add those almost sleepless nights taking care of your baby, adjusting to keep life in order and just getting on with your new life. At some point, sex gets pushed behind everything else, leaves you wondering how to bring back that spice you and your partner once had. If you have this issue, here are some amazing tips to spice up your sex life after having kids.

Keep Things Fresh

One of the simplest ways to bring back the excitement is to try new and fresh ways to please your partner as well as yourself. There are lots of ways to do this – from trying out a new position, new place, wearing sexy lingerie or even indulging in unique sexual fantasies like role play. You may also try incorporating sex toys into the bedroom if you haven’t tried it yet with your partner. A simple vibrator is a perfect way to get used to sex toys. Aside from more pleasurable experience with the extra shaking inside, it can also help ease your partner’s pressure in case he’s anxious in getting you to climax. Make sure to ask your partner first before trying out anything new to avoid misunderstanding. Communication is the key to a great relationship after all.

Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is another way to spice up your sexual life. When you have kids, most likely sex becomes scheduled because of so many priorities and responsibilities that need to be done. While scheduled sex is still good, nothing beats the excitement you get with spontaneous sexy time. Try sending your partner a spontaneous sexy text or chat at random times of the day to keep him excited and hot. Try out something spur-of-the-moment like stepping in while your partner is showering for a quickie, a quick sexy time while the kids are asleep and many more.

Be Confident

One of the common issues of new moms is their confidence after giving birth. Because of all those changes caused by the pregnancy, most women think that they are not sexy, hot or desirable after giving birth. The more they feel that way, the lesser their sexual desire becomes. Take it easy on your body and remember that your partner still and will always find you desirable. Many men even find their spouses sexier after becoming a parent.

Sex is an important ingredient for a healthy relationship. If you’re having issues, feel free to talk with your partner and discuss how you currently feel about the situation. That way, nobody is misunderstood plus both of you can work together in bringing back that spice in your sex life.

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